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Ready; Set; Go for the Best Job!

Welcome to our website! 

  • You`re looking for work or job qualification?
  • You`re not sure which steps you should take next?
  • You`ve had basic German language training, but you need more practice?

We can give you the training you need NOW!

Join a group of young women who share a common wish: to find their place in society, jobwise and socially.

What will you do there?

You`ll find out

  • who you really are and where you are “strong”
  • which jobs would match your abilities
  • which qualification would be important for you and how you can get it

You`ll enjoy

  • our video-supported training for job interviews
  • our professional foto shooting for your job application fotos
  • our trainer guided internet-research for jobs, schools, universities, on-the-job trainings, full vocational training programms or volutary practical work and everything else you need for your career
  • our creativity workshops

Who can join in?

  • ladies only!!!
  • age 16 – 25
  • living in Frankfurt / Main
  • any nationality

Training-times / location

Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
For dates and location see "Aktuelles".

What about costs?

The training is free. If needed, we will pay your public transport ticket.

You`re interested and want to find out more? 

Call or mail us any time. See "Kontakt”.